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We strive to fully embrace today's technologies and have become more mobile and less tied to the bricks and mortar so familiar to the past. Today's technology enables us to operate without being tied to any physical location and provides Alta field and clerical staff with everything they need, wherever they are, whenever they need it. Our management is currently equipped with technology enabling us to operate virtually without being tethered to any physical location. A virtual office on every site! Why not, after all it’s not really anything that hasn’t been going on all over the world in other industries. Nowadays technology and the information age have unfettered humankind and business. What was once kept in a single centralized location, the “office,” such as field related files, forms and safety info is currently available anywhere within moments. Payroll comes in and paychecks go out electronically, eliminating wasted time and generating greater efficiency. 

Talk about thinking outside the box, how about thinking outside the office? The creatures of habit we are, we could always find reasons to have offices but, with a server, web enabled laptops and blackberries, portable scanners and printers, information can be anywhere in an instant. Why not take the office to the field instead of leaving the field to go to the office. It saves fuel, time, and money, reducing cost to the customer and making us more competitive. Why go to an office when you can take the office with you wherever you go? 

So what do we do for those among us who still feel the need for somewhere? Simple, if someone needs a spot we’ve got that already provided through partnership with suppliers. By using their existing surplus and otherwise wasted office space we’re able to reduce our costs, expand geographically and have convenient locations to meet and operate from. Meanwhile all the info we’ll ever need remains right at our fingertips, info that was once only available at a single location. Wherever we are, no matter where our search for new opportunity leads us, the office goes with us. Efficiencies like these pay for themselves quickly and position us well both now and in the future.

Our Mission

To become Southern California’s premier residential and commercial drywall company by providing both customers and employees the very best our industry has to offer, through partnership, innovation and mutually beneficial relationships.