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why alta?

Extensive Training
Each Alta new hire goes through extensive training as well as ongoing training which addresses items of importance to our customers, including job site cleanliness, SWPPP and safety. Our DOQS program, an acronym for “Definition of Quality Service” is our in house quality program that we have developed resulting from almost 35 years of experience and a management team that has completed over 100,000 residences in southern California. DOQS assures that we operate with both excellence and efficiency and deliver visibly better work than our competitors.

Unique Products, Exceptional Service, Unparalleled Quality
We also offer products and services that most competitors don’t, such as Venetian and simulated plasters, foam crown moldings, corbels, niches and drywall art. We do so free of charge on models to help our customers enhance as well as market their product, sell more homes, increase the options they can offer and the profitability of both Alta and those we partner with. These options differentiate our customers from their competitors. Finally, we provide excellent customer service, taking exceptional care and attention to detail endeavoring to meet all of your customer’s future needs. We have a long history of satisfied customers and have numerous references available. We recognize the critical importance of price, and it is important to know what you’ll get for the money you’re spending. When you buy an Alta product, you get a lot more than just a competitive price. You get a partner and a team of committed professionals.

Exceptional Value
Now more than ever, it’s important that our customers spend their money wisely. At Alta customers get a lot more for every dollar they spend. Consistent customer satisfaction, unparalleled safety, trained professionals, commitment to schedule and exceptional quality can be expected and relied on.